• bluey

    thank you ^^

  • Thanks for sharing this new Single by Sistar…I've been meaning to downloaded it for about a week now (wanting to check out this new girl group's music). Well, this single and about 100 interesting singles/albums you have that I want.

    Most of those will have to wait until I add another 1TB external hard drive, however. I'm down to just over 100GB of free space on my current 1TB external, and the way I download video files, I'll need that space over this next month (maybe two months). But by next month (or maybe August), I'll be able to purchase a second 1TB external HD and have plenty of space (after transferring my non-music video files off this rapidly filling external HD).

  • yoodream

    Thank for sharing. I believe that Sistar will be more success just Like 2ne1 last year.

  • xinhui

    thk u:)