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    This loads and then says zero items to display

  • Who are these 2 females?Don't seem like they're from Sistar.

    • elusive

      they are from sistar. hyorin and bora.

    • kyoung

      photoshop gone wrong

  • paige

    Yay it's working now. Thanks a lot. Love Hyorin's vocals so much

  • infinitymusics

    Bing Yang, after i learn from you, i had check this SISTAR19 – Ma Boy music quality at Jenpoo there. Oh no, there are so many fake 320kbps quality. I downoad the jesseonline ones. It's only reach 192kbps/a little above.

    • kpopexplorer

      so that's the reason why someone posted a request for Sistar19's Ma Boy in the Request page. There are many experts around :))

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    omg thank you sooo much! 😀

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  • Thanks, once again. ^_^

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    thank you XD

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    Thanks! but the link doesnt work? 🙁

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        Thanks alot ;))

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    Link error : en.support.wordpress.com/affiliate-links/

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      fixed it ^^ copy & paste the link into address bar

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    Thanks! Love this song!