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Performers:BoA (ft. EXO-K Sehoon), Super Junior, BEAST, SISTAR, TEENTOP, Skull&HAHA, B.A.P, ZE:A, Shin Yong Jae, VIXX, Mario, BIGSTAR, D-UNIT, TASTY, PHANTOM, AOA, December, Fresh Boys (ft. G.NA), SKARF, Two X, Chaos, EXID, LED Apple, E7

720p full show updated

All cuts availible!!


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120817 KBS Music Bank 720p-HANrel.avi
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1080i.tp | 720p-HANrel.avi

  • Shimako

    No Boa cut 🙁

    • Shimako

      Yay,it's finally up..tks ^^

  • gohkb1978

    I can't find BEAST part in Mediafire.
    Can you help to upload BEAST part please?

    • mrkp0p

      Its uploaded now 🙂

      • gohkb1978

        Hi mrkpop! Thank you so much for your help 🙂
        Somemore got BEAST's interview as a bonus.
        U have made my day ^^

  • thank heaps